We want Africa which can take care of itself and develop

Our aim is to help local children to be able to develop themselves and the area they live in independently of us. Our motto is: “ Help me so I can do it myself.”

Who are we?

We are enthusiasts, fans, development, self-sufficiency and self-reliance supporters. We are aware that what we do has far-reaching and much wider impact then we can image now.

Since 2006, we have focused on village Mahango located in Mbea province in the South of Tanzania. Mahango has very low quality access roads and local people are without regular water supply, that is not only drinking .

Our advantages

  • Independence

    We want to achieve not only through providing for children but also education and development that they are going to be fully-fledged members of society and community, leaders of the change.
  • Closeness

    We are not a long distance organisation. We go to Africa ourselves as volunteers. We cooperate with local organisations on projects. We care about the opinion of locals.
  • Simplicity

    We drive our own cars and use our own computers for work. Volunteers travel to Africa on their own expense and pay all the cost related to the mission.

Our team

  • Michaela Gongolová

    Project manager
    She makes sure that nothing is left to chance and everything is going as it should. She prepares the missions to Tanzania.
  • Tomáš Gongol

    Tirelessly, he creates visions and pushes the things forward. He works as a rector in Silesian University of Opava.
  • Michal Soták

    A flexible and enterprising person who always finds time to help willingly with different tasks in the Czech Republic as well as Tanzania.
  • Pavla Popovičová

    She listens to the needs patiently and creates documents and projects of the organization.
  • David Mutayoba

    Coordinator in Tanzania
    He supervises that children in and outside orphan centre get the help they need. He communicates with local authorities and partner schools.
  • Eliška Nováková

    She is devoted to the School-to-School project in Tanzania and communicates with the partner schools in Moravia.
  • Eliška Bělíková

    She coordinates the project Orphan Sponsorship and communicates with adoptive parents. She makes sure that you get the products bought in Tingatingashop.

To Download

Strategy plan

The strategy plan of Bez mámy points out the main goals of the organisation how they want to achieve and subsequently evaluate them. It makes sure that the activities come out of our outlined vision and mission.