Home for children without mother

The central pillar for the community development of Bez mámy is to build a care centre as a real home for orphans in Mahango.

The orphan care centre is a home for children who lost their parents to AIDS or malaria. In poor and deprived areas, a parent often abandons the child from the first relationship to start a new relationship elsewhere. The child stays at his or her old grandparents who are not able to take care of him/her. In the orphan care centre in Mahango, the new family of abandoned children are a nun Epifanie, who runs the centre, she is an understanding mother to all these children, caregivers, cook, and a caretaker. Their brothers and sisters are other orphans of different ages who share similar life experience and newly gained friendships.

The orphan care centre has three main buildings: two dormitories for girls and for boys who have no parents, or more precisely no homes, and a shared kitchen and dining room. The construction of the centre started in 2011. In 2013, the dormitory for boys and the dining room started operating. Girls stayed in a little orphanage next to the mission station and were moved into their dormitory which is included in the orphan care centre in spring 2017.

Below, you will find information about constructing the centre and its parts even those which have not been finished yet and you can support them. It involves the main infrastructure which is related to many other activities.

Current Projects

  • Girls’ dormitory

    Building information: At the moment, the build is almost finished. The building is designed for 24 girls and 8 volunteers who have not yet sufficient facilities. The construction of the building began in 2013. Since 2016 the building has been roofed, rooms, windows, doors and floors constructed and plastering applied. To complete: toilets and bathrooms, courtyard, room equipment.
    Estimated cost: 900 000 CZK for the whole building. So far, 650 000 CZK has been invested, therefore, ca. 250 000 CZK is left to finish the building.

Our Plan

  • Water for life

    Roof water drains, 70m3 reservoir which is used as a source of quality water for hygiene and longer growing season of vegetables and fruit even in dry season.

    Estimated cost of reservoir: 195 000 CZK
    Estimated cost of foundations, eaves, fittings, works: 100 000 CZK.
    Estimated due date: 2018

  • Agricultural building

    Building information: Agricultural building should be used for cattle breeding, tools and other necessary materials.

    Estimated cost: 200 000 CZK
    Estimated due date: 2020-2022

Finished Projects

  • Boys’ dormitory

    Building information: The boys’ dormitory is one of the finished buildings and, at the moment, first boys are already staying there. The capacity is 36 children. It is the very first finished building in the whole complex. It was built at the beginning of 2012, in 2013 it started operating.

    Actual cost: 1 100 000 CZK

  • Community building (dining room, kitchen, warehouse)

    Building information: The building is already finished and in use. It consists of a kitchen, dining room and warehouse. The building was built as the second one in the complex, that is in 2012. However, the windows have to be replaced as soon as possible.

    Actual cost: 300 000 CZK

  • Water drain system

    Cost: 45 000 CZK
    Completion date: 2013

  • Outside toilets in the centre

    Cost: 24 000 CZK
    Completion date: 2015

  • Care centre garden (9x42m)

    Cost: 50 000 CZK
    Completion date: 2015

  • Electricity supply to the centre

    Cost: 10 000 CZK
    Completion date: 2017