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Quick donation

Project details
Project details
Project details

Tinga tinga art

Tinga Tinga art

By buying a piece of art, you help the children Bez mámy as well as artists who make the paintings. The artists paint the pictures right on the streets. The paintings have been inspired by the african nature and symbolically resemble the close relationship between a human and nature.

Long term help

Adopt a child

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia is a possibility for families or individual to support financially some of the Tanzanian children who lost his or her parents or live in very bad living conditions. The financial donation is for the basic needs: ACCOMMODATION, FOOD, CLOTHING AND EDUCATION.


The project school-to-school supports the cooperation between Czech schools, pupils and the poor rural schools in Tanzania. In this project, Czech children learn to make collective decisions, evaluation, empathy, to help those who need it, and broaden their perspective of the world. The children in Tanzania get valuable help with more quality education. Bez mámy is the operator of this “win win” project.