Long-distance adoption

The sponsorship gives children better future in and outside the care centre. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, there is a possibility for families or individuals to provide regular financial support for one of the Tanzanian children who has lost his or her parents or lives in bad living conditions. The support is used for basic needs: ACCOMMODATION, FOOD, CLOTHING AND EDUCATION.

I want to sponsor a child

Every time we visit Tanzania we find out how the child is, how he or she is doing at school, what his/her new hobbies, plans and dreams are. We give them letters and presents from adoptive parents and at the same time we take letters from children to parents in Czech. Not all the children, especially the young ones, understand in what way adoptive parents are important. However, thanks to their caregivers they realize that adoptive parents are generous donors to whom they are very grateful.

The decision of adopting an orphan, his or her financial support, is understood more as moral than legal commitment therefore there are no written contracts at the moment. We also understand that an adoptive parent gets into situation when he/she cannot afford to sponsor the child anymore. If such a situation happens in the future, we ask you to inform us soon enough.

6 steps to happiness

1. Choose an orphan to sponsor
2. Contacting the coordinator
3. Sponsorship confirmation
4. Bank account payment
5. Confirmation of the donation
6. Happiness

Method and payments

You can transfer the money all at once or in parts (for example monthly). Minimum of half of the payment has to be made by the end of the 6th month and the second half by the end of the 12th month of the year.

The amount of money for a year differs depending on whether the child is sponsored fully and attends primary or secondary school:

Full sponsorship

The amount of 10 000 CZK covers all expenses for a year for a child living in the orphan care centre. The expenses include food, clothing, medical care, school supplies, alternatively school fees, personal hygiene, carers and cooks.

Partial sponsorship

This is for children who have stable home and live at their relatives. These children need mainly financial support for education. As for the children attending primary school, the payment is 3 500 CZK per year; the children attending secondary school, it is 5000 CZK per year.

It has to be remembered that expenses of primary-school-age children are going to be higher when they start attending secondary school. Standard period of primary school is 7 years and junior secondary school is 4 years. However, the secondary school in Tanzania is just a temporary period followed by the next level of education which is either secondary advanced education for clever kids or vocational school for skillful ones. We inform adoptive parents about the following education of children on time so they can make decision whether they want to continue with the financial support. Usually it is about 15 000 CZK a year which includes boarding.